Privacy Policy

CSUMB, the Foundation of CSUMB and the CSUMB Alumni Association are committed to protecting the privacy of our donors and alumni. Information we collect on our donors and alumni is kept either in locked files or electronically on a secure server. Access to this information is limited to those individuals who need and use this data as part of their duties and responsibilities. We do not sell, give, or trade this information with anyone outside CSUMB, the Foundation of CSUMB or the CSUMB Alumni Association unless legally required to do so, or with permission from the individual donor or alum.

In addition to existing CSUMB privacy policies governing student records and information technology, the CSUMB Donor and Alumni Records Privacy Policy further defines how we use and protect this data in the following ways:

Advancement Database
University Advancement to establish and promote relationships with our constituents for our mutual benefit. The data we collect is strictly for this purpose. For example, we contact some constituents on a regular basis to inform them of events and issues pertaining to CSUMB. At times we ask for support, either financially or through participation. Individuals who do not want to be contacted may choose to opt-out.

Alumni Directories
The CSUMB Alumni Association may support programs such as online directories, where alumni can update and exchange contact information. Access to online directories is limited to members. However, since it is possible for members to share information with others, participation is voluntary and individuals have the ability to conceal their contact data.

Affinity Partnerships
The CSUMB Alumni Association may at times develop relationships with approved outside vendors that have products or services of interest to alumni. These affinity partners give a portion of their business back, supporting CSUMB programs and providing scholarships for students. Affinity partners can only use the data given them for the purposes explicitly authorized by CSUMB. Alumni who wish not to receive these offers may choose to opt-out.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about donor and alumni records privacy by contacting us either by email at or calling 831-582-3363.