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  “Bringing people closer to nature and nature closer to people through hands-on habitat restoration and environmental education”

Habitat Stewardship Project Monterey Bay (formerly Return of the Natives or RON) is an educational outreach program of CSU Monterey Bay’s science and service learning departments. At CSUMB, we prepare university students as future leaders in community and school based environmental education programs. The activities include school-based field trips, native plant gardens, nature areas, and greenhouses as well as large-scale, weekend, public volunteer, habitat restoration and native plant landscaping projects. Each year, 5,000-6,000 students, teachers, and other volunteers are responsible for propagating and planting upwards of 25,000 native plants for local restoration sites and removing tens of thousands of pounds of trash from waterways that flow to the Monterey Bay.  Most of all, the program is committed to serving the underrepresented and marginalized populations of our area (especially children) who have limited access to nature, parks and open space.

For questions of more information contact Laura Lee Lienk, Habitat Stewardship Project Monterey Bay Director, 831-582-3689  or

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