Frequently Asked Questions


What is a comprehensive campaign?

A comprehensive campaign is a strategic fundraising initiative with multiple priorities and donation opportunities. This type of campaign allows current and prospective donors to meet the most compelling needs of CSUMB while pursuing our most exciting and promising opportunities.

Why is CSUMB conducting a comprehensive campaign?

This comprehensive campaign will invest thoughtfully in students, faculty, our campus and our region to enable innovations in our model of education and to accelerate our progress to the front ranks of California’s great public universities. Pushing forward boldly while preserving our distinctive identity requires dedication and partnership. And, as federal and state support for higher education declines, it also requires philanthropy. Philanthropy will be the avenue by which we secure our future, offer transformative CSUMB experiences to future students, and participate as full partners in addressing the needs and aspirations of Monterey Bay communities.

Why Give to CSUMB?

Private giving through this campaign is required to enhance and expand CSUMB’s academic programs, establish endowed professorships, and both upgrade and create new labs, studios, classrooms, library facilities, instrumentation and equipment. Most important, CSUMB depends upon your private dollars to make available every level and type of support to provide students with superior undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions within a dynamic learning environment.

This campaign will require an extraordinary level of commitment and generosity. We invite all friends of CSUMB to be our partners in realizing our potential and ensuring our promise to future generations. To explore Ways to Give, click here

What is the campaign goal?

Our main objective in this campaign is to pursue academic excellence, program innovation, and state of the art facilities which will ultimately lead to student success. For the first University-wide fundraising campaign we chose to be ambitious and start with a $100 million goal. Every project comprising this goal can be linked to strategies that increase the University’s capacity to improve the quality of the educational experience it offers.

Can I designate my gift to a specific college or program?

Yes, you can designate your gift to whatever college or program that you would like to support. In a comprehensive campaign, all donations are counted toward the goal regardless if you’re supporting a campaign priority or another program on campus that you are passionate about. To explore Areas of Support, click here

Does each College at CSUMB have a campaign goal?

Yes, each college as well as the Provost’s Office and athletics, all have a number of goals that you can support. To see a full list of the campaign priorities by college or program please click here.

How can I be assured that my donation will be used in the area that I designate?

The Vision 2020 Campaign is comprehensive, so all donations, no matter the designation, are counted toward the overall campaign goal. At CSUMB, there are no gift or administration fees on contributions, ensuring that 100% of your donation will be used as you designated.

How long will the Vision 2020 campaign last?

The Vision 2020 Campaign officially started July 1, 2015, and ends December 31, 2020.